All activities will take place in Amsterdam. You will have plenty of time on your hands to explore Amsterdam next to our PC Festival program, although a lot of choirs also choose to book the 5-day arrangement to get to know Amsterdam just that little bit better. On this page you will find more information concerning activities in Amsterdam.

City walk

A free guided tour is offered throughout Amsterdam’s city centre every day, where the guide will tell you all about Amsterdam’s colorful history. The tour will take approximately 3 hours and a tip for the tour guide will be greatly appreciated.


Amsterdam is famous for its museums of world-renowned art. At the Van Gogh museum, for instance, you will find many paintings by Van Gogh and the story behind his tumultuous life. In the Rijksmuseum you can enjoy a large art collection of various famous old Dutch masters as well as artists.

Canal tour

Would you like to experience Amsterdam from its canals? Not a problem if you book a canal tour with a tourist vessel. You can choose between a 1-hour or 2-tour. From the canals you will see the city in all its glory and the tour guide will tell you all about Amsterdam’s history.
That’s not all…

For more information we would like to redirect you to Amsterdam’s official website: To visit Amsterdam is definitely worth it!

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